In today's competitive era of globalization, the economy is leaping towards holistic development. That is why India today has been able to attract the special attention of the world. Multinational industrial companies are rapidly attracted to India considering the abundant resources and nutritional potential available in India. Obviously the employment capacity is increasing day by day.The diversity and breadth of employment opportunities are increasing and in this regard there is an urgent need to focus on advanced and professional education rather than relying on outdated and traditional education. We can survive in the current global competition by raising awareness, healthy, competent and conscientious students by increasing the strength, determination and qualifications among the youth through appropriate and deep education.It is important to be vigilant and take educational decisions only after recognizing the steps of time. It is necessary to adopt a realistic approach and determine the right direction of education according to the demand and need. Because on the one hand millions of youth are wandering in search of employment due to lack of proper education.On the other hand, there are many vacancies in manufacturing and other sectors in search of suitable candidates. Today, fields like education, agriculture, industry, service sector, administration, IT, banking, insurance etc. are inviting expert, competent and capable youth for employment and this is becoming a challenge for the youth today.

After comprehensively considering the above salient points, Sri Swami Vivekananda Education Institute has taken the initiative to start educational facilities which were not available earlier in Washim area and offered 11th and 12th Commerce (English), BCom, BBA, M. in Sri Swami Vivekananda College from session 2007-08 Com, BCA, B.Lib, M.Lib Science, Computer Science and BMC advanced professional courses have been started vigorously.Along with these courses, seminars demonstrations, industrial visits, educational trips, personality development camps etc. are organized from time to time. Moreover discipline is followed with strict vigilance regarding attendance demonstration, study, teaching, homework etc. and specially we are getting employment opportunity through campus interview all these courses are guaranteed to get huge employment.

Quality Educatuon - This is our pledge to cultivate our breath. With the strength of our determination and our faith, it is our sincere wish that the vulnerable and promising students of the area will get a bright future through proper education in this institution and get great opportunities in the country and abroad.

With Regards.